About Us

More and more often people turn to us with the question - What is FiZra?

Today this is a new project that is gaining incredible momentum. But! In fact, this idea came to my mind (not much, not a little) - 12 years ago. Then, of course, everything was very chaotic and incomprehensible, but already at that time it was very inspiring. Every year, more and more clear outlines of this (I'm not afraid of this word) CHILD were formed.

I wanted the figra to become a whole movement, I wanted to infect the whole world with it. To begin with, we wanted it to be visible and heard, so we decided to release clothes, that's when people began to pay attention and become interested. Then we wanted to “taste it”, so we started producing incredibly tasty and healthy bars.

Of course, we are just starting our journey, we make mistakes somewhere, we get bumps, we face difficulties, but the enthusiastic voices of the new generation give strength not to give up. There is still a lot of work ahead (incredibly interesting). We see that it is interesting, that it is necessary and we dream of reaching out to everyone.

Our team is small, where everyone loves their job, everyone's eyes are shining, and this is a huge motivation. Further more!

We are a team, we are a FIG!

Osher Group LLC

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E-mail: info_fizra@mail.ru