People often ask us what FIZRA brand is.

Today I walking by the shore with family. The weather was beautiful, and the boy behind my back exclaimed: «Mom, look! He`s got the FIZRA word written on his shirt». We smiled with delight…
What did it start with? Nowadays it`s a new project gathering pace continuously. But! Actually, the idea came into my mind  (no more, no less) 12 years ago. The concept was a little bit messy at the start, but it had a big impact on me. With every passing year this child of mine (I dare say) had been coming into focus. My whole life since early childhood was tightly connected with professional sport and I was about to give my life to it, but suddenly I`ve got a serious injure that literally clipped my wings. Regardless the fact that I was incapable of doing sports, I was with every fiber of my being devoted to it. I had a lot of thoughts at that moment. I think everyone remembers PE classes as it was fun and  you could direct your energy outward, or just play fool. These memories gave me an idea that physical education must become a science, and it has to be approved in principle. Physical education transformed into FIZRA (not my idea). I wanted it to become a movement, to infest the whole world with it. As a first step, we wanted the word to be spreaded everywhere, so we decided to create brand clothes; it was then that people started to pay attention and concern themselves about it.

Then we wanted our brand to «have a taste» and that`s how we started to make our tasty and healthy bars.
Of course, we all make mistakes when breaking the ground, stumble, get bumps and bruises, encounter difficulties, but enthusiastic voices of the rising generation are giving us strength to keep our way.  There`s still much incredibly challenging work to do. We see our job as a fast-growing and demanded thing, and we expect it to reach everyone. Our team is made of people who are passionate, whose eyes are glowing, and it`s the biggest motivation! We`re going to go deep down, we are the team, we are the family, we are FIZRA!


OOO «Osher Grupp»

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